Windows Starter Pack

Windows Starter Pack is a guide written in basic Markdown with a list of useful links, files, programs and tips when installing Windows 10. version

#Download & Installation

You can download the latest ISO here and you can use Etcher to flash a USB. If you don't have a key when installing, you can just simply skip the activation step and crack the OS later.

#First Steps

Activating Windows At the very beginning, you should activate Windows if you haven't done it already. You can achieve this by disabling Windows Defenders' Real-time protection, downloading KMSTools and open KMSAuto Net to activate it. Once finished, you should re-enable Real-time protection.


So, drivers. I recommend using Driver Booster, it's a very good option with a quite easy crack: click Activate and write any of the keys below. Now it's just clicking the SCAN button and then INSTALL.



#Installing programs

Ninite will help you with that :3. Also, I recommend doing lists with essential programs to install somewhere like Pastebin, so it will be easier to remember what to install.

Yes, there are people using Office instead of Google Docs or LibreOffice, so let me help you with that. ¿Remember KMSTools? It can be use to install and activate Office too. Click Office 20XX Install, select the programs you need, architecture, language and version, and install them. Finally, activate it.