BIOS Cheatsheet

Published at: May 9, 2021

A simple cheatsheet with some software and info.

Entering the BIOS

Manufacturer BIOS Boot Menu
ASRock F2 or DEL
Acer F2 or DEL Esc, F2, F9 or F11
Apple ⌥ Option
ASUS F9 Esc or F8
Dell F2 F12
Gigabyte / Aorus F2 or DEL F12
HP F10 F9
Lenovo F1 or F2 F12 (some models are F8 & F10)
Samsung F2 Esc
SONY F2, F1 or F3 F11 or F10
Toshiba Esc or F1 F12
Zotac DEL F11

God’s thumbdrive

You can use Ventoy to have multiple ISOs in a single USB drive. When creating a new USB, make sure to enable Secure boot from Options. If there is a problem booting in or there is a weird blue screen, read this or search for Ventoy Secure Boot in UEFI mode.

Useful ISOs